Empowerment means giving young women ownership of their development. She’s Empowered Sports uses basketball as a platform to instill character, confidence, and leadership in female youth athletes on and off the court. Our philosophy is that by building self-confidence and influencing good decision making, this leads to peak levels of performance in college and beyond. We do this through elite coaching and mentoring, an intense focus on leadership, and encouraging active community engagement. This is how “She’s Empowered.”


She’s Empowered Sports (SES) is the intersection of athletic development and leadership. We teach with intention and provide an atmosphere for our players to be seen and heard, while also empowering them to create their own space to demonstrate excellence. SES athletes are held to a high standard. Our standards guide their development and provide a foundation for leadership, continued growth, and mastery of skills they can take with them into college and beyond. Each athlete will learn to embrace her vital role on the team, allowing her to achieve success at the high school, college, or even elite levels of play.  We support each player through a holistic approach to personal development, understanding that athletic performance extends far beyond the basketball court and physical abilities, but must also include a healthy mind-set, smart lifestyle choices, as well as the social and emotional support necessary for success.